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Henry Schein Dental Stories

We will be sharing industry news, events, charitable causes and the latest trends in digital dentistry.

Our latest stories

Discover Zirlux® restoration materials

Visit the brand new Zirlux website today to discover the most innovative and advanced restorative…

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Manual cleaning of dental instruments

Clare Clark - BSc (Hons) Microbiology ACIST, Technical Support Manager, schülke UK All dental patients…

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As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace the question for dentistry is how to respond…

The so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ has arisen from new technologies which are merging the physical,…

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3shape orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment made faster and more predictable with digital scanning and design

Jason Longden, ConnectDental Manager at Henry Schein Dental, sheds light on another digital pathway, this…

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Go Digital with Henry Schein Dental

Go Digital and invest in digital dentistry to future-proof your practice

Our range of digital dentistry articles focus on the opinions from a variety of influencers…

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