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Discover Zirlux® restoration materials

Visit the brand new Zirlux website today to discover the most innovative and advanced restorative materials and resources in the dental industry!

Today’s patients demand an aesthetic restoration that matches or exceeds their natural teeth. The Zirlux portfolio enables dentists and laboratories to use the most innovative and quality controlled digital materials available today. The entire Zirlux portfolio is now available at the click of a button at

Having a digital milling unit opens up the doors to using the latest digital restorative materials, such as Zirlux®, a zirconia ceramic that is only available through Henry Schein Dental. We use Zirlux for all our crown and bridge work because of its excellent aesthetics and range of low and high translucencies which make it suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Debbie Bogle, Design & Smile Ltd, Darwen, Lancashire

You now have flexibility in the materials you choose to deliver durable, consistent, and predictable restorations. Zirlux Zirconia enables dentists to provide patients with exceptional restorations that are strong, metal-free, and available for multiple restorative options. Zirconia is ideal for patients who value aesthetics, have minimal room for occlusal reduction, fractured existing restorations, or display signs of bruxism.

There are now strong, highly aesthetic biocompatible alternatives to traditional metal materials such as Zirlux,® which gives us the ability to make frameworks that stay in the mouth really nicely and can be tooth-coloured – that is a big step forward. I believe metal-free alternatives are more comfortable for patients, they are more flexible, kinder to tissues and far more aesthetically-pleasing.

Gillian Egan, Egan Dental Laboratory, Ripon, Yorkshire

We produce monolithic Zirconia and e.max full contour crowns. The advantage of using Zirconia and e.max is that there is no grey umbrella effect in the gingival area. There is the additional advantage that Zirconia and e.max are compatible with the human body, eliminating the effect of allergens that can sometimes occur with metal restorations.

 Picka, PM Denudiovx

When it comes to dental prosthetics and restorations, laboratories, dentists and patients all want the same thing: a natural result. Alongside advances in digital technology, dental materials have also been developed such as zirconium oxide.

Check out our NEW Zirlux Website packed full of educational resources – technical sheets, videos, brochures and an inspiring blog telling you everything you need to know about sintering, staining and much, much more!

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