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CEREC primescan

Navigating your way through intraoral scanning with the new CEREC Primescan

The big and bold move into digital dentistry from traditional dentistry methods is not a decision that is made irrationally by a dental practice. With a plethora of options with intraoral scanners, 3D X-Ray machines, extraoral scanners such as OPG machines, and CADCAM milling systems for chairside use constantly coming up in the marketplace, trying to navigate your way through this marketplace takes valuable time away from working hard and caring for your patients. But is this time justified? Global 3D dental scanners market is estimated to become a billionaire market by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 12.0% during the forecast period of 2016-2024 (source – Goldstein Research).

Patients expect more, we deliver more

Henry Schein Dental has partnered with Dentsply Sirona to educate and enhance its dental customer’s experience, by offering state-of-the-art technology, to speed up and produce more precise results for their patients.

This started with the CEREC AC so that digital impressions could be designed with the CEREC Omnicam. With 7,300.000 impressions per year, this has proved its excellence every second in dental practices all around the world (source Dentsply Sirona).

CEREC Omnicam
CEREC Omnicam - 7,300,000 impressions per year

We listened, a new era has begun – ‘The Game Changer for Digital Dentistry’

The question is are you ready to future-proof your practice with an intraoral scanner which is more accurate, faster and easier to use?

CEREC Primescan – is the shiny, new intraoral scanner on the block, that’s here to disrupt the digital marketplace with its slick, new appearance and brand new acquisition centre – the workstation with a touchpad and a 16:9 wide-format movable touchscreen, offering you a highly intuitive and ergonomic work platform.

CEREC Primescan - outstanding speed and accuracy
CEREC Primescan - outstanding speed and accuracy
CEREC Primescan - new high-precision Smart Pixel Sensor
CEREC Primescan - movable widescreen touch display
CEREC Primescan - increased field of view
CEREC Primescan - clearer user interface
CEREC Primescan enjoy the scan carousel
CEREC Primescan - outstanding speed and accuracyCEREC Primescan - new high-precision Smart Pixel SensorCEREC Primescan - movable widescreen touch displayCEREC Primescan - increased field of viewCEREC Primescan - clearer user interfaceCEREC Primescan enjoy the scan carousel

The need for speed, accuracy, usability and connectivity

Here are four reasons why the CEREC Primescan is such a powerful intraoral scanner:

  • Speed – more than 50,000 images per second and data transfer to laboratories instantly. You can capture an entire jaw in well under 30 seconds, and a full jaw scan in less than a minute

*OMNICAM COMPARISON* – It sends you 5 times more data – 50,000 instead of 10,000 per image

Speed of CEREC Primescan versus Omnicam
  • Accuracy – with an innovative smart pixel sensor processing more than 1,000,000 3D points per second and up to 20mm measuring depth with perfect sharpness

*OMNICAM COMPARISON* – Less rotation with the primescan meaning all the light is focused on the teeth.

Accuracy - CEREC Primescan versus Omnicam
  • Usability – enjoy the increased field of view to visualise larger areas with less sweeps and immediate precision
  • Connectivity – it is now faster than ever to connect to labs with open data transfer options working seamlessly alongside the CEREC MC XL milling machine – saving you valuable time and money in milling your single tooth or full arch at a laboratory
Dentsply Sirona featuring new primescan
Dentsply Sirona featuring new primescan

Come and learn about the CEREC Primescan

Henry Schein Dental and Software of Excellence has launched a series of one day ‘regional’ workshops called practice growth workshops in Beaconsfield, Nottingham, Brighton and Edinburgh in March and May 2019. The Primescan will be on show for digital breakout sessions where users can test and try out this new innovation, as a warm up for our main trade event of the year – The Dental Innovation Symposium.

Following on from these regional events, Henry Schein Dental and Dentsply Sirona will be hosting a Digital Smile Design event with specialist DSD Instructors Dr José M. Navarro and Dr Pablo Ramirez. This will take place at the lavish Dentsply Sirona Academy in London, enabling dentists and technicians to not only hear about how an integrated solution can improve their workflow, but to experience it first-hand.

Here are all our upcoming Primescan events.

How is Dr. Verena Freier, a Dentsply Sirona customer feeling about their new intraoral scanner?

To me, Primescan sets new standards in dental scanning technology. For both me and my team, intraoral scanning is now more accurate, faster and easier than before. It’s easy to handle, immediately ready to use, and integrates seamlessly into our workflow. Even my patients benefit from its superior performance, since the process is so much more comfortable. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, more data is captured in higher resolution and quickly processed, in perfect sharpness and with outstanding precision, allowing indications from single-tooth to full-arch treatments. Also, due to enhanced connectivity, my practice is easily connected to our lab and other partners. So all I can say is try it for yourself – and enjoy
the scan!

Dr. Verena Freier, Dentist

Dr. Verena Freier, Dentist Testimonial CEREC Primescan
Dr. Verena Freier, Dentist Testimonial CEREC Primescan

CEREC Primescan - Product Demo Video

CEREC Primescan - The evolution of intraoral scanning

If you are interested in trying out the CEREC Primescan get in touch with our experienced sales consultants.

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