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World Oral Heath Day banner 2019

Help Us Celebrate World Oral Health Day 20th March

The campaign strives to RAISE global awareness and REDUCE oral diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease which can lead to low self-esteem and confidence. We want to work with you to COMMUNICATE positive messages about good oral hygiene to improve the overall well-being and health of patients worldwide.

Say Ahh – Act on Mouth Health

A winning smile and the perfect set of white teeth are the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle for your patients… but is everyone looking after their oral health, helping to combat oral health diseases worldwide?

This year, #WOHD19 will focus on a specific theme – ‘say Ahh – Act on Mouth Health’ – this aims to combat that question head on and ultilises the general public, oral health professionals and policymakers. The message is loud and clear: a healthy mouth and body go hand in hand. You can teach your patients how good oral care contributes to overall health and well-being.

So much more than a perfect smile…

The campaign will encourage people to bring oral health to the forefronts of their minds by asking themselves key questions posed through checklists, with accompanying tips outlining actions that can be taken to prevent and manage oral diseases. In line with the overall Say Ahh campaign theme, the positive message that keeping a healthy mouth is not only crucial to keeping it functioning correctly but also helps maintain overall health and quality of life will be conveyed.

How to get even more involved…

You can access a comprehensive toolkit, packed full of inspiring material including posters, checklists & tips, advertisements, campaign toolkit and more. You can personalise a poster or social media header with your photo – so you can position yourself as an advocate of this campaign. Don’t forget to play the smart mouths play bad mouths game. Have fun swiping away all the nasties found in your mouth but be careful not to swipe away the toothpaste! Learn about oral health while having fun.

If you love to build conversations and to shout about your involvement, remember to use the hashtag: #WOHD19.

For further information and to download the material, visit the World Oral Health Day website.

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World Oral Heath Day 2019

Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health #WOHD19

Fun Fact World Oral Heath Day 2019
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