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Happy Kids Dental: A totally new approach to children’s dentistry in the UK

Founded in December 2017 by Ukrainian-born Roksolana and her brother Yevhen, Happy Kids Dental is an innovative practice located in Central London. From its inception, the aim of this venture has been to create something very different from a traditional dental practice with the sole focus of Happy Kids being that of paediatric dentistry.

Paediatric practices are relatively common in other countries including the USA, Germany and the Ukraine, but we believe there are certainly not enough of them here in the UK.

Dr Roksolana Mykhalus, Director and Co-founder of Happy Kids Dental

The practice is ideally located in Marylebone, an area conveniently placed with great connection to all forms of public transport, providing most patients with easy access to the dental practice. The building in which it is housed is a former Schwarzkopf hairdressing academy and training facility which has a ground floor and basement. The interior has subsequently been renovated and re-developed to resemble a children’s theme park as opposed to a regular dental surgery with the aim of attracting younger patients and to allay the fear of dentistry that is a problem for some children. Upon entry to the practice one is greeted by colourful murals and décor alongside the smiling faces of an exceptionally friendly team of specialists and dentists with a passion for paediatric dental care.

A theme park feel makes dentistry fun…

Much thought has been put into the interior design of the practice with age-appropriate waiting zones designed to entertain the most active minds being present throughout the building. A toy filled toddler room is present, whilst games consoles and TV’s are available to entertain older children. A separate, quieter space with free wi-fi is provided to keep teens occupied. Complimentary refreshments are made available to parents and carers.

All staff have experience of paediatric dentistry, having worked either in community centres, hospital paediatric departments, or had lengthy training in the field. Currently, Happy Kids Dental has 15 surgeries, seven dentists and three hygienists/therapists including one dentist with extensive experience of treating children with special needs and autism. Thus, it is a sizeable operation.

The theme park concept underpinning the practice is one which its founders had to plan from scratch, requiring them to find the best dental build experts and suppliers in the business in order to bring this project to fruition. The primary architect employed was Rapleys Healthcare, providing in-depth knowledge and experience, leading the project from pre-construction planning to completion. Doherty Contract Services, a specialist in dental care design and construction based in Port Talbot, served as the builder for the practice, delivering great quality work and displaying great professionalism throughout the project.

Henry Schein Dental had the ‘firepower’ to deliver big

Initially the founders were in negotiations with several different equipment suppliers, eventually choosing to go forward with Henry Schein Dental. Henry Schein Dental was selected as they were especially perceptive to the ambitions of the founders and worked exceptionally hard to be as accommodating as possible to their needs. Two dedicated consultants were provided to the project, one specialising in imaging and the other in equipment. The equipment specialist attached to this project, Simon Hemstead served as the main point of contact and supported the founders in suggesting what equipment was to be put in each surgery. Countless drawings and models were utilised during the design stage until the best configuration of high-tech equipment, cabinetry and furnishings was established.

It wasn’t just a matter of them trying to sell us something, they were very perceptive to our ambitions and tried exceptionally hard to accommodate us and this is why I think they provide such a great service.

Dr Roksolana Mykhalus

Happy Kids Dental has incorporated the latest modern technology in its design from The Wand painless computer assisted anaesthesia and inhalation sedation to dental lasers and microscopes – all designed to make paediatric dentistry as pain-free and efficient as possible. Henry Schein has aided in ensuring that all 15 treatment rooms at the practice are equipped with the latest generation of dental technologies including OPG, Nomad hand-held X-ray devices, the latest intraoral scanners, sensors for digital imaging, and the lowest dose digital X-ray machine. The proper use of which is very important for the health and wellbeing of children. This has all been placed within the confines of the very specific décor present at the practice, with colourful custom-made murals creating a stimulating environment that is reminiscent of a theme park.

The vision for Happy Kids Dental put forward by its founders is that of becoming a centre of excellence for paediatric dentistry with the best staff, best facilities, and the best technology. Excellent patient satisfaction is of primary importance with the goal of the practice being to accrue a large number of happy patients who will recommend Happy Kids Dental to their friends and family. This dream appears to be well under-way with the patient numbers of the practice growing day by day.


I want to compliment Simon and the Henry Schein team who were always very accommodating to our needs. There was never a point when they said, ‘Okay – enough is enough!’ – I really appreciate that.

Dr Roksolana Mykhalus


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