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Amber’s Olympic Dream

This is Amber Cordingley, she is a 17 year old 6th Form Student from Brompton Academy School in Gillingham and she has a dream to compete in the 2022 Olympics. Leading on from the strong ties we have formed with the Brompton Academy through our Outward Bound Trust involvement, a community based Henry Schein Cares project that inspires young people to think positively about their future and their career opportunities, we are pleased to announce that this year’s fundraising will be mainly geared towards helping her to fulfil that dream.

Amber first started skiing at the very young age of 4. When she was 9, inspired by another child of a similar age, she progressed to Freestyle and then eventually on to Boardercross. In 2014 Amber joined a group of other students who travelled to Aberdovey in Wales to take part in a week long Outward Bound Expedition, this was just weeks after her Father had sadly passed away. Amber says her Dad was a huge part of her life, he really supported her in everything she did and she credits her lovely Mum (Liz), Snowboarding and the support she received while taking part in the Outward Bound Expedition with helping her to cope with the feelings and emotions of losing him at such a young age. Amber has an amazingly mature outlook on life, she is adventurous, wise beyond her years and the most dedicated young person we have ever met, she works part time at the local ski centre in Capstone, studies full time and still finds time for the sport she loves, she is a shining example of dedication, despite any difficulties she has faced. It is clear from our conversations with Amber’s Mum that she too has played a massive part in shaping Amber into the lovely young lady she is today, Liz works part time from home and drives Amber all over Europe so that she can compete in competitions.

We would like to help Amber achieve her Olympic dream. The training and travel costs to get her to where she needs to be are in excess of £10,000 for the year and up until now it has been completely self-funded. We will start fundraising very soon and as always, we’ll have fun doing it and share that fun with you. We hope you will join in our enthusiasm, to help a young person achieve their potential.

Here is what other people have to say about Amber…

Liz Cordingley (Amber’s Mum)

“Apart from having to go to school to complete her education, which stops her training full time over the winter season, her main stumbling block is having lost her Dad when she was 14, he was the main bread-winner which meant that Amber had to go out to work, which is not such a bad thing as it prepares her for the big wide world. As she originally trained to do Slopestyle (an element of this is used in Boardercross), she decided that she would be better off competing in Boardercross – as the pathway was relatively new she would stand a better chance of succeeding. Unfortunately, Boardercross in not funded by any governing body, so she has to look elsewhere for funds. As the sport is very expensive she will have to continue to work to save as much money as she can to help her once she leaves school. Most of the GB team have funding by companies outside of the snow industry which is extremely difficult unless you have been placed on the podium.”

Patrick Allen (UK Managing Director)

“For 3 years we have been assisting the Brompton Academy to send a team of their students, all from under privileged backgrounds, to participate in the Outward Bound Expedition up in the wilds of North Wales. The week long programme helps to build the young people’s confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. When I heard recently that one of the team from the 2014 group had taken the skills learnt during the programme and applied them so effectively that they were on the verge of representing GB at the next winter Olympics I knew we should help to support her in taking those last steps to reach her ultimate goal. Amber’s achievement helps to demonstrate what is possible with the right support and the right level of application… anything is possible. I know we will all be proud to know that Henry Schein has played some part in supporting the development of a GB Olympian, someone from our local community who has flourished through our local partnership with the Brompton Academy.”

Lynsey van Wyk (UK TSM & Henry’s Angel)

“Amber is a bright bubbly girl who can make friends with anyone, she is so brave and isn’t afraid to throw herself in at the deep end and get stuck in. When we volunteered at the London Moonwalk in May she was brilliant at encouraging the walkers and lifting their spirits – I’m really hoping we can help Amber to achieve her Olympic dream!”

What Amber has to say…

“I first found out about Henry Schein when I took part in a trip to Wales in November 2014, it was an Outward Bound Expedition which involved lots of physical activity, I loved it and camping overnight was really fun. I went to try out in Hemel Hempstead at The Snow Centre where the GB Boardercross selections were being held, I went through the process and made it on to the National GB Boardercross Team, which I was very happy with. I am now training hard and planning to go away with the team to compete in European Cups to increase my points so that I will have enough to compete at a World Cup and then hopefully the Olympics.”

WATCH Live with Lizzy – an interview with Amber via the Henry’s Angels Facebook Page

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