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Digital Imaging And Intraoral Scanning Guide

Digital imaging and intraoral scanning guide

Our digital imaging and intraoral scanning guide has been released. Like our previous 3D printing guide this is free to download and view.

If you are interested in how intraoral scanners can offer an accurate and fast digital way to take dental impressions. Or that they are the ideal starting point for every dental treatment which requires an accurate and detailed representation of the surface of patients’ teeth and gums, then you can find out more here.

If Digital X-ray imaging is more for you and you want to explore how digital X-ray imaging systems can take accurate X-rays of patients’ oral anatomy in 2D or 3D.  Or how accurate and detailed 3D images are now achievable at ever lower doses making it possible to ensure accurate diagnosis and patient safety simultaneously then you can find out more here.

If either of the above subjects are of interest then make sure you view our full guide here.

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