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What can digital dentistry do for you?

  • Are you looking for time-saving ideas to help you achieve more at work?
  • As you go about your daily workflow, do you find yourself wondering if there’s a more efficient way?
  • Or perhaps you’re thinking that the methods you learnt at dental school might now have been superseded and that there are ways to introduce more accuracy and predictability into your dentistry?

If any of the above resonate with you, we think that digital dentistry might be able to help.

Digital dentistry deconstructed!

Many myths surround digital dentistry including that it’s expensive, it’s an all-or-nothing plunge and that it doesn’t live up to all the hype.

On the contrary, and especially with the latest innovations, digital can be whatever you want it to be, and most people are already using it in one way or another.

In fact, even the most technophobic dental professionals are probably taking advantage of some digital technology, be it a practice management system (PMS), patient emails or a digital x-ray machine. Smartphones are digital, of course – and where would we be without those?

Whatever works for you

The point with digital dentistry now is that dental practices can pick and choose digital equipment or software to suit them. We have put a lot of thought into the various stages our customers might be at and what their next steps could be:

  1. CEREC Omnicam
    CEREC Omnicam

    A practice with a basic PMS which records patient data but has few other functions

Upgrading to a more sophisticated PMS could introduce significant time-saving and efficiency-boosting features like online appointment booking, tracking treatments, saving digital files like scans to patients’ files and automating recalls and reminders.

  1. A practice that takes impressions the conventional way

Investing in an intraoral scanner not only speeds up impression-taking, it is more accurate, less messy and achieves more predictable results.


  1. Sirona-Orthophos-XG3D-Ceph

    A practice with a digital x-ray machine

Digital x-ray machines capture a huge amount of information which cannot all be deciphered by the human eye. To take full advantage of the data it captures, it’s incredibly simple to install CAD/CAM software and use it to improve diagnosis and treatment planning. The digital files can also be saved to your patients’ files to keep everything together.

  1. A practice with an intraoral scanner looking to maximise its uses

An intraoral scanner opens up a world of possibilities. CAD/CAM software enables your dentists to start designing their own restorations, as well as significantly improving communication with your lab via the software itself. Or take the next step in chairside dentistry by purchasing a milling unit for the practice and offer single-visit dentistry to your patients.

There are many different starting points with digital dentistry and it’s totally up to you to decide if or where you stop! Just as in every other walk of life, however, digital’s ability to capture minute details, catalogue information, streamline processes and connect everyone together is making everyone’s lives easier.

Henry Schein® ConnectDental®, Henry Schein’s platform for digital dentistry, combines a wide choice of digital technology solutions with all the knowledge, service and support needed to help practitioners navigate the rapidly changing world of digital dentistry, offering post-sales training on all digital equipment, ensuring you get maximum value from your purchase. For more information, visit



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