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Team Schein Success Story: Walking the Extra Mile & raising over $35,000

When it comes to building relationships with the customers and communities we serve, Henry Schein always walks the extra mile, and the Dialysis Team based in Melville does so literally.

For the ninth straight year, this team of 13 Team Schein Members supported the efforts of the National Kidney Foundation by participating in the Long Island Kidney Walk on May 20th, 2018. Besides being a fun and inspiring way to raise money and bring attention to preventing kidney disease and organ donation, the event is a great opportunity for TSM’s to spend time with customers and the patients they treat. Together with their fellow TSM’s in Melville, and their families and friends, the Dialysis Team raised more than $5,000 this year through a gift basket raffle and personal donations. They also received a substantial donation from the Reno Call Center, which heard about their fundraising efforts and in typical Team Schein solidarity, decided to have a gift basket raffle of their own to support the cause.

After nine years, and with approximately 75 TSM’s and their families and friends participating in the walk wearing Henry Schein Cares T-shirts, the Dialysis Team has raised a total of over $35,000. As last year’s top fundraising team on Long Island, they were asked to kick off the 2017 walk and hold the National Kidney Foundation banner.

“Being the top team was such an honour for us, as we are very proud to support the dialysis community we serve daily,” said Ashley Meekins, Operations Manager, Dialysis, Henry Schein Medical. “We recognise that service extends beyond the workplace and into our home communities, and that by giving back, we are ‘doing well by doing good’.”

Each year leading up to the walk, the Dialysis Team displays details of the walk to encourage other TSM’s to join up. They post flyers that contain information for at-risk or early detection of kidney disease in the hopes that TSM’s keep their own personal health in the forefront of their lives. Through this increased awareness, many TSM’s have shared with Ashley and the team their own personal stories of how kidney disease has affected their lives, and the lives of their families and friends. They even heard from several TSM’s who are true superheroes and have donated a kidney.

“I have always been impressed by the importance of social responsibility and the various activities we participate in as a company,” said Megan LoRe, General Manager, Dialysis, Henry Schein Medical. “Our involvement over the years with the National Kidney Foundation’s Long Island Walk is a perfect fit for us. It’s in our corporate headquarters’ backyard, and it supports the local community my team serves daily. I’m so proud to see how the enthusiasm and participation in this event grows each year, and to see the true Team Schein spirit shine, even on the years when it rains.”

Now there’s a humble team that doesn’t just “talk the talk,” but most certainly “walks the walk.”

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