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Go Digital with Henry Schein Dental

Go Digital and invest in digital dentistry to future-proof your practice

Our range of digital dentistry articles focus on the opinions from a variety of influencers in the dentistry sector

Jason Longden, ConnectDental Manager encourages practitioners to take another look at digital dentistry, pointing out that they may already be enjoying the benefits of digital technology without even realising it. If that is the case, he has some ideas for the next step in their digital journey.

Dental professionals can significantly increase the involvement and control in the design and manufacture of restorations by installing CAD/CAM software.

Faster, more accurate treatment means higher productivity for both practice and laboratory, and happy patients should mean positive reviews and an increase in patient recommendation.

How can you convince your clinicians to invest in an intraoral scanner? Terry Patuzzo

You’ve seen the evidence of the increased predictability a digital impression can bring to restorative dentistry. Terry Patuzzo, Sales Manager at Dentsply Sirona asks how laboratories can convince clinicians of the benefits of investing in this technology.

Digital Scanner – Which one to buy and why? – Ash Parmar

In the end, I was confident that buying the 3Shape TRIOS scanner was the best decision for me. The system is well designed, intuitive to use, fast, accurate and is technologically the best.

Creating patient excitement with digital technology – Rune Fisker

Rune Fisker, key creator and driver of 3Shape’s solution orientated innovations and speaker at the Henry Schein Digital Symposium 2018, gives an insight into exciting new innovations and trends coming to the world of digital dentistry.

Dentistry has reached a tipping point in terms of digital acceptance with our market data telling us that 50% of all UK dentists are considering buying an intraoral scanner…

Spreading the digital word – Lino Adolf

Lino Adolf, Managing Director of the Academy of Digital Dentistry, talks about the importance of education for clinicians and how digital dentistry transforms communication

Digital dentistry has transformed the way I work and interact with clinicians.

Digital Dentistry Your Way

Doing many of my crowns and veneers in-house has led to significant savings, not only in cost but in time too. I’ve worked out I save 20 minutes per restoration with CEREC, and over the weeks and months this can amount to quite a few days I get back. I’ve also made some savings in laboratory fees and temporaries.

Those cases I do outsource to the laboratory – the particularly complex cases – nearly always come back perfect. Because of the improved communications ‘going digital’ brings, it means less impression faults and remakes. My relationship with my laboratory has actually improved as a result and more of my work fits beautifully.

We’ve increased business as a result of digital dentistry – with patient referrals coming in as well as referrals from other dentists. We have recouped our investment of 2 CEREC milling units in 2 years.

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