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Admira Fusion: Pure ceramic for filling

Universal and biocompatible

Admira Fusion is the first ceramic for filling for dentists. In a long-term collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC), the VOCO research team developed the first restorative material which is absolutely universal and, at the same time, bio-compatible, as it does not contain any classic monomers. This development was made possible by the use of ORMOCER®s, a ceramic-based material. After its market launch in 2015, Admira Fusion soon became one of the most popular products in the VOCO range. As demand for the products remains high, the Admira Fusion range has since been expanded and VOCO now offers the restorative material in a classic, pack-able version and a flow version as well as as a pack-able and flow-able bulk-fill material.


The best way to describe Admira Fusion is as a product where “innovation combines with old favourites”. The restorative material offers the user all the familiar handling convenience of other similar products. It is also just as universally employable as a classic composite – easy handling, outstanding aesthetics in the anterior region and absolutely reliable quality. The homogeneous material is compatible with all conventional bonding agents. The decisive factor is that Admira Fusion offers the benefit of bio-compatibility thanks to its ceramic basis. A true all-rounder.




Imagine having the option of placing purely ceramic-based restorations chairside, and in just the same straightforward way as you are accustomed to from working with a good restorative composite.
All of this has now become reality with Admira Fusion!

What your patients like

  • Fast and reliably comfortable thanks to the most modern restoration material in ceramic quality
  • Invisible: Optimally adapts to natural teeth
  • Long-term aesthetics: Maximum shade stability against discolouration
  • Optimum tolerance thanks to a reduced allergenic potential

What dentists appreciate

  • Familiar handling – just like a good composite
  • Perfect for everyday in-practice use
    • broad spectrum of indications, universal for the anterior and posterior region
    • compatible with conventional bonding agents and composites
  • Can be used flexibly in the single- or multilayer technique
  • Extra secure: Shrinkage of 1.25 % by volume sets new standards

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